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2CV at 70
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Dolly's Story

For decades, the 2CV has been a design icon around the world and in 2018 – with the car celebrating its 70th birthday – a new legacy was born. Meet Dolly!

In 2018, our 1986 2CV Dolly model was transformed into one of the smallest, most versatile food trucks in the world.

First, Dolly found the perfect design team, featuring 50 specialist British brands – and earning her the name of ‘the built-in-Britain 2CV’.

They stripped her down and rebuilt her again. Fitted her with ground-breaking kitchen equipment and a top-notch mobile bar – and set her up with exquisite kettles and cutlery. Upholstered her inside and wrapped her outside with a shimmering new look.

It was the mother of all make-overs and she loved every minute!

Then she got to show herself off at a launch party where she was flown in by helicopter and revealed to the world! What more could a lady want?

Her design team had re-modelled her in to a dual-purpose, state-of-the-art food truck and bar with the ability to fit into any situation – she can even fit through double doors.

She certainly has the wow factor and now we are ready to share her with the world, continuing the unique legacy of this much-loved little car for years to come.

Dolly's launch film


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