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What makes us special

Dolly Does Delicious! From the way she looks, to the food and drink she serves, to the experience she creates – it's like being hugged with deliciousness!

She was put together with versatility in mind, so she can fit in to all kinds of situations. And the creative team behind her lives to craft crowd-pleasing experiences and special events.

Dolly really is rather special and here are some of the reasons why:

There is no car in the world like Dolly! She was designed, rebuilt and fitted out in exquisite detail by a specialist team of 50 British brands making her an awesome sight to behold.

Looks aside, her versatility as a bespoke bar, kitchen or canteen allows her to fit in to any situation where a delicious experience is desired. She can even slink through double doors in to a courtyard or exhibition space.

And on top of that, Dolly has oodles of personality! She's frivolous and fun, and wants only the best for you.

Inviting Dolly to your event will add extra touch of glamour, uniqueness and style, helping you create an occasion that will last long in the memories of all your other guests.

Contact us today to see what Dolly can do for you.

When you're organising an event, you want it to be special with delicious food and drink, and a discreetly personal service, all run smoothly without a hitch. And Dolly couldn't agree more. In fact, she wouldn't have it any other way.

In collaboration with Dolly's professional team, we'll help you create the perfect experience for you and your guests, leaving you with happy memories for years to come. There's many ways to tailor your experience from the theme of the service, to the menus and everything in between.

On the day you can trust Dolly to deliver something extra-special. Our food experiences come with the talents of our private chef and the fun of seeing your food cooked in front of you.

Our bar experiences include a dedicated bar tender and offer you a choice of exclusive drinks, mixers and garnishes to personalise the contents of your glass and discover a new taste sensation.

Discover our bar experiences.

Discover our food experiences.

Andrew J Mellon has cooked his way around the world for the super-rich – and now he's available to cook for you as Dolly's private chef.

With 25 years' experience, Andrew knows what makes a successful dining experience and how to create the most crowd-pleasing food. He's responsible for all the pleasant surprises and personal touches that make Dolly so special.

With Andrew on board you don't have to worry about a thing. From his choice of exquisite crockery to his selection of the best quality, freshest, local ingredients and the most exclusive brands of tea and booze – you be guaranteed great taste all round.

Dolly does everything in style, but she also does it ethically. Dolly is the car with a conscience.

When it come to food, Dolly sources locally from independent producers. This keeps her food miles down and freshness, taste and quality up. And to keep things fresh in the kitchen she even uses her own beeswax wraps! Dolly always keeps herself clean throughout the day using only eco-friendly products. When out and about on she offers edible bowls and spoons.

As well as caring for the planet, Dolly cares about the community and aims to support 50 charity or community events a year to help raise funds. If you are organising a fundraising event, why not contact Dolly to see if she can be available to help you.

You can keep up to date with all of Dolly's eco-friendly updates and work in the community on this website.

Want to partner with Dolly? Contact us to tell us more.

Dolly knows how to explore the local British landscape to discover producers of the most exquisite ingredients for her menus. She just loves crafting dishes from the beautifully fresh fare of her suppliers, including:

Want to partner with Dolly? Contact us to tell us more.

Dolly likes to be exclusive and loves to find unique partners to team up with. Here are some of the very-special gin brands that we are proud to associate with: